On Leadership (1)

Student Ministry Volunteers must see themselves as leaders, people who see the end goal, set the path forward, and guide others along the way. We are entrusted with the spiritual lives of vulnerable and malleable people, so we must take this role seriously and do our best to lead well and grow as leaders.

The fundamental truth of leadership involves whether or not you are actually leading. It is possible to be involved with a group of people, go through a program, even have lots of people involved, and not be leading anyone. Getting people to show up is not leadership in itself.

If no one is following, you’re not leading.

We must pay attention to the direction our people are going, not just casting a vision but seeing to it that the vision is caught and bringing them along in their path of discipleship.  Our role in the lives of our students is to speak vision over their lives and give them the tools they need to reach the goal.

View your students as your disciples. Speak a vision of what could be in their lives and help them see it through. Lead well and bring your followers along with you.

And tell them the truth.


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