On Leading Small Groups (5): Consistency is Key

One of the key responsibilities of our leaders is to take on a group of students that is much smaller than the whole in an effort to build relationships through which spiritual content can be passed and true growth can be encouraged. Jesus took aside His 12 closest followers out of the thousands who followed Him. And even among those 12, He had 3 who were able to witness things no one else could.

Consistency is Key

One of the hallmarks of teenager-hood is that everything seems to be changing around them. Friend groups are in a constant state of flux, their bodies are changing, and for many of them, even their schools and families go through drastic changes through their teenage years. One benefit of church attendance is that the truths we seek to communicate are timeless and true in all situations. Regardless of what storm is going on inside and outside their bodies, we want our students to be able to find rest and comfort in the foundational community of Christ. Ideally, they would find that in their families as well, but we all know that is not as consistent as it should be.

Here are 3 ways we can promote this sort of comforting consistency:

  1. Committed, Long-term, Available Leaders. The more consistent our leadership, the more restful and comforted our students will be, and more trusting and open to share. So we should all commit to being present and on time as much as humanly possible.
  2. Sharing Timeless Truth. No matter the situation, what we share in DGroups is foundational to our existence and can be trusted in every situation.
  3. Minimizing drastic changes to our programming. We try to make changes incrementally and over time, unless a need for change pushes our timetable. This is to reduce the felt chaos and promote a restful and comforting atmosphere that is conducive to sharing.

And we will always tell the truth.


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