On Leading Small Groups (3): Multiply, Multiply, Multiply

One of the key responsibilities of our leaders is to take on a group of students that is much smaller than the whole in an effort to build relationships through which spiritual content can be passed and true growth can be encouraged. Jesus took aside His 12 closest followers out of the thousands who followed Him. And even among those 12, He had 3 who were able to witness things no one else could.

Multiply, Multiply, Multiply

Great small group leaders are constantly looking for opportunities to break a new group out of their own. For best sharing and communication, a small group should be 5-8 people. So if your group nears 10, it’s time to start thinking about a split. Here are a couple of ways you can be involved in splitting your group in 2:

Set the expectation for splitting early. As early as you can, set the goal of splitting off a new group. Just talking about this goal gives your students a vision for growth that will prevent an inward focus that can discourage the students from bringing in new faces.

Share your vision with new potential leaders. You are the most effective recruiting tool we have, and if you share your excitement and vision for growth, others will come alongside excited to help! Your Student Ministry Leadership will do their best to bring in new leaders, but you expand our reach much further than we ever could without your help!

It seems like a paradox, but as we get smaller, we get bigger! Let’s focus on expanding our reach by expanding the scope of our small groups ministry!


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