On Leading Small Groups: Stories and Small

One of the key responsibilities of our leaders is to take on a group of students that is much smaller than the whole in an effort to build relationships through which spiritual content can be passed and true growth can be encouraged. Jesus took aside His 12 closest followers out of the thousands who followed Him. And even among those 12, He had 3 who were able to witness things no one else could.

Stories and Small
In our Student Ministry, we seek to set you, the leader, up to have this same sort of relationship with your small groups. We want you to take on your small group as your disciples. We want to set our students up to follow you (as you follow Christ). That is why we try to keep our DGroups as small as possible. We want you to be able to share your story with your students. We want you to be able to connect with them effectively outside of the church context. Meet them for ice cream or go bowling or invite them for dinner. Your influence in the lives of your students is directly related to the depth of your relationship.

Your students will listen to you and respond to the things you have to say if and only if they have a sense that you truly care for them on a personal level.

Don’t feel you have to be best friends with every student in our group, but please dig deep with your DGroup. Help them to know you and try to get to know them. Be vulnerable and honest.

And tell them the truth.


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